Sophia 33:18 minutes 35,432 views
Cruising around South Beach is like going to an ass buffet... all shapes and sizes for the picking! Alex, Ugs, and I were on butt patrol duties when we came across a familiar piece of ass by the name of Sophia. This mexican mami had a round ass to die for... luckily for us... I've already had the privelege of shooting this bubble butt broad before.. so it was like old times when we asked her to join us one mo' gain! Fast forward to my apartment where Alex wasted no time in stripping Sophia down to her unmentionables and the ass worshipping commenced! Nothing like oiled up butt cheeks to get the good ol' cock hard eh fellas? Just wait til you check out the dick throbbing blow job! I LOVE MY JOB! The fuck filming was fantastic! I tell ya.. these amateur ass chicks are the greatest to work with.. there's not limit to what they'll do once they're in front of a camera.... God Bless their apple bottoms! Enjoy!